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Building a great nation
one India Positive action
at a time

A nation of a billion+ needs a billion people nurturing it with mindful actions.

The book offers powerful yet highly actionable ideas on how every Indian – from a child to a senior citizen – can actively and joyously participate in nation building.

Gender, age, education, socio -economic status does not matter. You don’t even have to be within the geographical borders of India. You can be anywhere on the planet and contribute towards making a positive difference in India.

The book is very interactive. Savitha Rao invites you to read, reflect and write your ideas in the book and bring them to life with action.

Inspire India with your actions. Get inspired by the actions of fellow citizens.

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For whom is this book?

  • You have always wanted to do something for people around you, for the country. But did not know how.
  • You look at the valor of our armed forces and wish you too could do something for the country.
  • In your travel / commute you saw people /places and wished you could help make a difference.
  • You want to do something for the people around you but not able to carve out time in a structured way.
  • You travel / commute a lot.
  • You want your money / efforts to directly reach the needy.
  • Your life has demanding phases – work, exams of children, health issues of family members making it difficult to make time in a consistent way every week
  • You relocate often within India making it difficult to engage long term with a local Ngo on a cause of your choice.
  • You have felt disempowered about a situation around you – could be cleanliness, civic issue, poverty , environment.
  • Your work does not allow the option of working with a NGO but you would like to be part of a community who inspire and appreciate you.
  • Your chosen way to impact the world is so niche that you are unable to find an organization / Ngo to work with.
  • You have concerns on the credibility of the NGOs.
  • You are keenly interested in a specific topic e.g. sports as a way to impact lives of children. But the nearest Ngo is 2 hours away making it difficult for you to commute.
  • Somehow you had this idea that to make an impact you need to be part of an Ngo.
  • You like to explore different ways of contribution. Doing only one thing does not appeal to you.
  • You passionately believe in doing one thing. And that’s what you would like to do.
  • Your activity of your interest is not part of the work of most Ngos in your area – e.g. you may be passionate about making a space beautiful. But that is not a priority for NGOs in your area.
  • You live outside of India.



A first of its kind book in the world. A practical guide for nation building in an easy to read format. As you read the book you will have many aha moments on the simple ways in which you can make an India Positive difference. It has thoughtfully designed spaces where you can write your ideas and bring them to life with action.

A book with literally 500+ ways to be an India Positive Citizen. From student to senior citizen every demographic will find practical, actionable ideas with which they can participate in creating a kinder, happier and more sustainable India.

You can be an India Positive Citizen from anywhere in India – at home, while traveling, while celebrating, at work. Everyday offers opportunities to make a mindful difference.

Side effects of being an India Positive Citizen –

- You will smile more knowing you were able to bring a smile to someone with your good deed.
- You will look back on many days with the priceless satisfaction of having made a difference.

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For whom is this book?

As an Indian if you ever had any of these dilemmas then this book is for you.
- When I look at the world around me I wish I could make a difference.
- I am not a member of any organization. What can I do?
- I am a busy homemaker raising small children. I would like to do something for the community. But, I don’t know what I can do.
- My work keeps me busy all day. I can’t take time off from work. How can I make a difference?
- As a college student I have a packed schedule. I want to help people around me. But I am not sure how.
- As a senior citizen I am not sure in what ways I can make a difference.
- I travel a lot for work. How can I contribute to nation building?



India one of the oldest and wisest civilizations of the world. From agriculture to Ayurveda, ancient India was way ahead of even the present day world. In the worst pandemic the world has seen in 100 years India has displayed exemplary leadership.

The challenges we face today as a nation need the mindful participation of people from diverse spheres of life - business, defense, environment, yoga, culture, agriculture, science, naturopathy, crafts, space technology, sports, spirituality, innovators and several more.

Dr Krishna Ella, Ashish Chauhan, BK Shivani, Dr Karsanbhai Patel, Ajay Piramal, Gen Ved Malik, Dr Rajat Mitra, Mohandas Pai, Krishnamachari Srikkanth, Major DP Singh, Dr RS Sodhi, S.Vijaykumar, Dr Gobardhan Das, Param Vir Chakra Awardee Bana Singh, Dr Radhakrishnan, Biplab Paul, Dr Hegde, Vikas Manhas, Dr Kumud Joshi, Meghna Girish, Dr HR Nagendra, Veteran Air Marshal Ravinder Dhir, Peepal Baba, Ami Shroff, Dr Padmaja Suresh, Gopal Sutariya, BS Nagesh , Srikanth Bolla share a glimpse of their life journey and insights for India.

Their life story and message offers powerful insights. You will feel enormously inspired as an Indian and optimistic about our shared future which needs your participation.

This is an invitation to every Indian. Wherever you are on the planet you can contribute towards #NewIndia.

A nation of a billion plus needs millions actively involved in nation building. Inviting every Indian to put #IndiaFirst.

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For whom is this book?

This is a timeless book for every Indian home on the planet. Every generation will benefit from knowing about these exemplary India Positive Citizens. Their lives and work will inspire every Indian.

Those who reside in India can get a physical copy of the book from our online store.

Indians living overseas can buy a paperback copy from Amazon USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, and Brazil.

E-book is available on Kindle and Google Books.